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"Quiet efficiency is the hallmark of the expert. Although alert they give the impression of being completely relaxed. They ride in a calm, controlled style without fuss or flourish, progressing smoothly and unobtrusively. They will always be in the right place on the road, travelling at the right speed with the right gear engaged and they achieve this desirable state by concentrating all the time, planning ahead and riding systematically"

Welcome to Roadcraft Advanced Motorcycle Training

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling advanced motorcycle training in Nottingham aims to introduce riders to the joys of advanced motorcycling.

As an advanced rider, you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Reduced tyre wear.
  • Better fuel consumption.
  • Longer brake, chain and sprocket life.
  • Better passenger comfort and smoothness
  • ..but most importantly, much improved safety due to enhanced awareness.

Advanced riding is a personal choice, no one can talk you into doing it, if you live in or around the Nottingham area, want to improve your motorcycle riding ability and you're reading this page, you're already on the road to getting the most out of yourself and your motorcycle.

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